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Castanha-do-Brasil (Bertholletia excelsa) in a logging process in Sena Madureira, Acre. Icon tree of the Amazon rainforest, this species reaches 30 to 50 meters in height. The growth of the 'Castanheira' tree depends on an untouched environment. It is one of the most desired trees by illegal loggers, though. Therefore, it is one of the most vulnerable species (endangered) despite its cutting and use being prohibited by law. Deforestation can lead to a situation where the forest can no longer regenerate due to the scale of man-made aggression. If the current rate of devastation is maintained (or increased), this "point of no return" could be reached in 15 to 30 years.

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Our relations with geography modify the landscape, giving it a social and economic meaning. The landscapes reveal how we relate to the environment and this reflects our own condition. São Paulo, Brazil 2021.

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XXII International Biennial Art of Cerveira
marcio pimenta
Mar 9, 2022
Happy to share with you that two works of mine from the series “Man and Earth” were selected for the XXII International Biennial Art of Cerveira, in Portugal, which will take place between July 16th and December 31st, 2022.

“Man and Earth” is a documentary and artistic exploration. A long-term project that aims to research, witness and document an important issue in times of climate emergency: the relationship between the human being and physical geography, that is, climate, natural resources, borders, energy sources, food, cultural identities. , economy and space, at a time of complex transition that is also reflected in everyday life, especially for people who will suffer from climate change before they can adapt. To know more, please visit here.

Whoever is in Portugal on these dates, visit the Bienal which will be amazing!

Marcio Pimenta | Photographer

Marcio Pimenta is a explorer and photographer based in the South of Brazil.
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