Sold out!       This book is about a story of dignity...

Sold out!

This book is about a story of dignity and survival. A story I covered in Iraq in 2016 and 2017. The Yazidi people were one of those who suffered the most during the occupation of the Islamic State. His women were kidnapped, made sex slaves and sold as commodities. With the advance of forcing Kurds and Iraqis, Islamic State lost strength and they managed to return home. And then, a new story would need to be written.

The history of these women is important for so many others who live in a context of conflict to recognize and find examples of resilience in them. Courage may be inspired by Nadia Murad, also Yazidi and who, just as they were captured, became a sex slave until she finally ran away and denounced the horror she lived through to the world. She became the spokesperson for the Yazidis and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2018. This book is dedicated to all women.


Photos: Marcio Pimenta

Photo Edition: Ed Kashi

Languages: English / Portuguese

88 pages, 4 color, 9 x 6.7 inches

Year: 2020

ISBN: 978-65-991632-0-3

Publisher: Artisan Raw Books

"Is it possible to get out of the shadows of one's destiny? That's the question I ask myself as I listen to a woman tell me how she and a group of other Yazidis made an escape. In the heat of over 35 degrees they waited for nightfall and then escaped. Rocks, dust, and sparse bushes were all that made up the landscape. But the pace of their escape was unreachable for the physical possibilities of 66-year-old Hure Kaso Murad, and she was left behind. Alone, she kept walking for a day and a half until she found a Shiite family. They sheltered her and when everything was safer, they helped her to the Kurdish region."

“There were too many bodies. They killed a lot of people there. The dogs ate their bodies, their hands, their heads”, says Hure of her years as a prisoner of the Islamic State while pouring me some black tea sitting on the floor with friends in the holy temple of Lalish, northern Iraq. She exhibits a good humored spirit and the confidence of those who return to the safety of a home. Hure, like other Yazidi women, is being rebirth."

Marcio Pimenta | Photographer

Marcio Pimenta is a explorer and photographer based in the South of Brazil.
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