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NPR: My long-term project, "Man and Earth"
marcio pimenta
Nov 11, 2021
A beautiful piece about Songs and Pictures For Climate Change: A Playlist for the Planet

"Man and Earth" is a documentary and artistic exploration. A long-term project, which is underway - as well as the results and impacts of climate change - and which aims to research, and document an important issue in times of emergency climate: the relationship between human beings and geography. This is climate, natural resources, borders, sources of energy, food, cultural identities, economy, and space, in a time of complex transition that is also reflected in everyday life, especially of people who will suffer from climate change before they can adapt . Since January 2018, I have traveled across Latin America documenting this relationship.

Songs and Pictures For Climate Change: A Playlist for the Planet
As the 2021 U.N. Climate Change Summit winds down, NPR's Picture Show looks at work by photographers that highlight climate change.

Marcio Pimenta | Photographer

Marcio Pimenta is a explorer and photographer based in the South of Brazil.
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